‘Yatya Vidya’ is the basis of spiritual healing, it treats with colours.

The cause of the disease in the body is the imbalance. This imbalance can be eliminated from the root by spiritual healing. Where on one hand the modern medical system treats diseases or destroys diseased cells, and on the other hand, the root causes of disease in spiritual medicine are destroyed.

Changes to the root causes of the disease
Rishi Angiras has detailed description of spiritual healing under ‘Yatu Vidya’ in Atharva Veda. The effect of spiritual medicine is immediate. In this therapy system, the treatment is done through the colours. There are various colours in this creation and there are countless differences in each colour. Some of these are pleasurable some are a symbol of disappointment. Similarly, different colours are symbols of love, divinity, power, anger etc. Each colour is different from the other, so the effect of each on the body is also different from the other. Using these colours, a spiritual therapist enters the microscopic cells of the patient and changes the root cause of the disease.

‘Aura’ is the encyclopedia in reality
We have seen pictures of many great men there is a golden aura around their heads with the divine white light around their gross body. This is what the pranayama kiosk, which you have just experienced. The control of your gross body is done by every moment, this astral pranayama kiosk. There are some techniques mentioned in Sanatan Kriya, through which we can enter any of the microscopes and remove any imbalance at the astral level, before the manifestation of the disease in the gross body before it becomes manifest. This is an extremely powerful science. Before using this science, a spiritual practitioner needs to bring some of the actions of yoga meditation and yoga regularly to one level of consciousness. At the same time, it has to be kept in mind that the use of this medicine is possible only by Guru’s grace. Apart from this, it is necessary to follow purification and discipline. Disobeying anyone can harm a spiritual therapist.
So, that was a small briefing about the yatya vidya which treats the disease with colours. Spirituality is actually able to treat much life taking diseases by God’s grace. We should always give priority to spiritual treatment before trying any other way of treatment.