How do people determine if the voices they are hearing which others don’t are because they are a psychic or a medium or its because they are suffering from schizophrenia.
I am sure there are numerous people wondering as the symptom overlap between the two.First of all “hearing voices” is just one of the symptom of schizophrenia. Schizophrenia patients suffer from various other symptoms.

Lets understand a bit about schizophrenia. Schizophrenia can be categorized into three broad types (catatonic, paranoid and disorganized). A catatonic patient will experience symptoms such as agitation, decreased sensitivity to pain, constant negativity and a lack of interest in taking care of their own personal needs along with speech issues. Paranoid schizophrenic patients have anger and anxiety issues, argumentative and feel that everyone is after them. The disorganized type can suffer the same delusions as the paranoid type, don’t feel extreme emotions, laugh at inappropriate times and will sometimes speak gibberish. The disorganized type will also do the same thing over and over and become socially withdrawn.

A psychic is a person who leads a normal life and balances his life beautifully. They don’t suffer from aggression or anger issues unless it’s justified. Of course we all do get angry or frustrated or agitated due to various reasons  at times but that doesn’t throw the balance out of our life. Communication doesn’t suffer as in the patients of schizophrenia. They don’t show the same type of rigidity as a schizophrenic person shows.

Questioning whether I am a normal person with psychic abilities or not just because a few symptoms overlap is like questioning everybody leading their normal lives. because every human on this earth has experienced anger at some point of his life. they may have also raised their voices at the peak of the moment. But that doesn’t match with a person suffering from schizophrenia who yells or become agitated for no reason.

A schizophrenic goes into his fantasyland and starts living it like its real. They can’t differentiate between the reality and fantasy. A physic or a medium can tell such amazing facts and information about their client  which only client can confirm or they can Say something about the future that can sound strange but can come true later. On the other hand schizophrenic cannot backup their stories and come out with facts.

IF you are questioning that whether you are schizophrenic or not in itself implies that you are a normal person not suffering from mental illness as I have stated earlier schizophrenics live and believe in their fantasy world. They don’t question it.

Being physic is a gift given to us. Everyone to some degree has the ability just that the stigma associated with it makes us question this ability. We are not just our physical body, we are way beyond that. Some people know and some don’t!